NSWRWC 2018 Winter Calendar



Date Event Venue Results in the Racewalker
7 April Club Chipping Norton  
14 April Club Chipping Norton Racewalker
21 April Club Chipping Norton Racewalker
28 April Club Tempe Racewalker
5 May Club Tempe


Starting Times

Starting times will be followed as closely as possible to times listed in the program.  However, some races may vary according to conditions on the day.  It is suggested that intending competitors arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before advertised starting times.

Club Events and                                            Long               1.15 pm
Open Days:                                                    Medium          1:15 pm
                                                                        Short               1:30 pm
                                                                        Fun Walk        1:45pm
                                                                        U/16 yrs          2.00 pm
                                                                        U/12 yrs          2.20 pm
                                                                        U/10 yrs          2.30 pm
                                                                        Fun Run to follow




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